Quality services & accommodation.
Quality services & accommodation.

Welcome to Wheatfields

Wheatfields Inc. is a specialised aged care service provider, delivering ongoing and respite support and individual care to the elderly. A community owned, not for profit organisation, Wheatfields is administered by a Board of Management elected from members of the community.

At Wheatfields, our mission is to serve older people, responding to their needs through the provision of quality services and accommodation. These services will provide an innovative range of residential based services to older people, which enable residents to age in a safe and dignified manner and to have a strong sense of self worth.

Located in Freeling, an hour north of the city in a quiet township, Wheatfields offers a quiet small town atmosphere. Wheatfields is close to community services, with shops close by, the Freeling Bowls club across the road and a short walk to numerous parks.

The facility is a 53 bed complex with 49 single rooms and 2 twin rooms providing residential care accomodation for aged people who have been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team as needing high or low level residential or respite care. Some of these beds are also at times used for respite care which is privately funded. Suitably trained staff are on duty 24 hours a day to provide quality care and support at all times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you further.


“Our mission is to serve older people, responding to their needs through the provision of quality services and accommodation.”


For Representatives and Visitors

  1. Visitor’s hours will be from 9-4 pm Each Day.
  2. It has not been made mandatory for visitors to wear a mask but as an extra precaution wearing a mask whilst visiting is recommended by Wheatfields.
  3. Visitors are to ensure they sign the risk assessment forms and register on entry to Wheatfields. You temperature will be taken and recorded.
  4. Visitors will not be able to enter an aged care facility unless they have been vaccinated with the 2020 Flu Vaccination from 1st May 2020. I do ask you to get proof of vaccination to provide to Wheatfields.  Some of you may have already had your Flu Shot if you would like to forward your proof of vaccination please email it to admin@wheatfields.net.au. Wheatfields is not permitted to allow you entry if you have NOT had a Flu vaccination.
  5. Children may visit the residential care facility however they must have had the 2020 influenza vaccination and provide evidence to Wheatfields. Children under 6 months are exempt however Wheatfields will need evidence of their DOB. 
  6. Residents may receive a single visit per day of 1-2 visitors for up to 2 hours. Family and representatives will need to discuss this between themselves to co-ordinate this.  There can be an additional care and support visit which can be approved by the Director of Nursing or Clinical Nurse. (Additional Care Support Visit Form located at Reception)
  1. Visits can be in the resident’s room or in the designated visiting area. (You cannot have visits in communal areas).
  2. Over the fence/Garden visits for family/representatives will continue and are not limited, however you MUST maintain the 1.5 metre social distancing (there are lines on the ground to stand behind). There should be no passing of objects or touching of residents to occur e.g. kissing, or hugging.

9. Staff can also facilitate skype calls to see and speak with your loved one on a computer screen, phone calls, letter writing. This will be able to be conducted between 10 am and 6pm: Monday to Friday and between 1 pm and 4 pm on Weekends just ring and ask for Lifestyle Staff.

  1. For residents in palliative care your family will be able to contact the facility to make arrangements.
  2. Families/Representatives can leave personal items at reception, we do ask you place them on the table under the carport; ring the door bell and staff will come and get these items.
  3. We can facilitate phone calls on mobile 0457589633 between 10 am and 6pm: Monday to Friday just ring, outside these hours please contact the landline 08 85252154.
  4. Wheatfields postal address is PO Box 26 Freeling 5372 if you would like to send anything for our residents.
  5. If you would like to receive regular updates from Lifestyle Staff please email lifestyle@wheatfields.net.au
  6. If you are not currently on the email list for your loved one please email admin@wheatfields.net.au so we can keep you informed with any correspondence from Wheatfields.
  7. Information for Representatives and Visitors will be on our Website and this will continue to be updated www.wheatfields.net.au
  8. A reminder to representatives and visitors at no time is it acceptable to abuse or threaten our staff.